We are a cooperative made up of four women of the Montemuro Mountain in Portugal.

We produce clothing in burel, linen and wool, cloth in manual spools using various traditional methods with a contemporary design.

Our workshop is in Campo Benfeito, a small village in the Mountain and the origin of our name comes from the Capucha, a cape used by the shepherds to shelter themselves from the rain and cold during Winter.

Our work contributes to pass on to future generations our livelihoods and traditions, and for preservation of our heritage.

It was during the 80s, a decade where emigration was the only option, that a training initiative of tailoring made it so the founding partners of Capuchinhas started on this adventure.

Our collections are original and designed exclusively for Capuchinhas by the designer Paula Caria. 


"We preserve the past, reinvent cloth and patterns, give colour to wool with natural reds and create adequate pieces to current times. Day after day we have in our hands the responsibility to create original clothing, elegant, sophisticated and above all with the identity of the environment that envelops us: the mountain, the dreams, the smells and the colours."

Ester Duarte

Married and mother to two sons, works in the cooperative since the beginning in 1987. She started to attend a course in tailoring and today the sewing machine holds no secrets for this seamstress. She is also, jointly with the rest of the group, responsible for the creativity in each piece and is also the face for customer service. 

Henriqueta Félix

Married, mother to two children, she was a driving force in the founding of the Capuchinhas cooperative in 1987. Today, besides conceiving the pieces of exclusive clothing of the cooperative, she organizes the administrative work and accounting and is also responsible for customer service, in the workshop and in handcraft fairs. 

Engrácia Félix

Married with two children, she loves weaving and making knitted sweaters. She learnt by seeing the hands of her mother and an old waver in the Campo Benfeito village. Creating new collections, always unique through group work, are essential to the life of this artisan. Customer service in the workshop or in handcraft fairs are also part of her roles.

Isabel Duarte

Married with two daughters, she is the youngest member of the group and learnt the art of weaving with the help and enthusiasm of her colleagues. She is part of the cooperative since 1996 and is responsible for the weaving, using the techniques and traditional knowledge, creating unique fabric. Just as her colleagues, she also partakes in customer service, in the workshop and in handcraft fairs.


" Nós vemos hoje mais fundo, os nossos montes, as nossas paredes, a pedra, as peças antigas do tear como os tapetes, com as mantas e é essa a inspiração que agora temos, esse fundo como base para nós nos orientarmos sempre a dar a nova imagem à coleção " 

Castro Daire no Coração

" Não é só a paisagem que faz com que estas montanhas sejam mágicas. " 


" Mas não só ideias é o que vão buscar ao meio que as envolve. Alguma da lã é tingida ali, utilizando folhas de nogueira, urtigas, liquens das árvores e fetos, que resultam em cores terrosas e aconchegantes. "


" A autenticidade da vida nas aldeias e a natureza agreste dos maciços da Gralheira e de Montemuro são exploradas na Rota da Água e da Pedra. "